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Contract work

Videography and Multimedia HD AV Presentations

Video productions in the agricultural field require a comprehensive agrarian knowledge, years of experience and a mastery of all techniques of professional videography. Our extensive network provides locations and people for a wide variety of scenarios - from those who market their own products, to offering vacations on the farm up to high-tech operations in any area of agricultural production.

From idea, story, equipment, and producing all the way to reproduction, we manage the entire production process. Our team of true professionals is ready to provide a cost-effective realization of the wishes of our customers. The completed video production can be obtained in any popular format - depending on the desired use for internet, TV, or on-screen projectors.

Our HDAV (High Definition Audio Vision) productions create impressive images. These high-resolution audio-video recordings are the high-end solution for presentation technology: using Soft-Edge technology, razor sharp images can be projected by full-HD projectors on large screens of up to 18 x 6 meters (60 x 20 feet) in size.

Photo orders

In addition to the ongoing project of building the most extensive database of agricultural images, we fulfill all orders for photographic projects according to the specific requirements of our clients.

We contact the respective farmer or agricultural enterprise, and in our tried-and-tested network, we will promptly set up a shooting session. The desired images are captured, edited and uploaded to the secure customer image database,, often on the very same day. There they can be accessed by customers from all over the world for immediate download.

This reliability, expertise and mastery of all technical and agricultural details has made us Number One in agricultural photography. More than ten years of friendly relationships with clients and farmers have provided satisfied customers and partners of

Aerial Shots

Aerial photo- and videography with professional quality at a competitive price. Depending on the desired location, we make use of motor gliders, ultra-light aircraft, gyrocopters and powered hang gliders. Our motor glider pilot has a low-flying permit which allows for very captivating shots. For video-recording, we employ a gyro-stabilized HD camera, which ensures blur-free smooth recordings in high resolution.

For special missions, we use our remote-controlled drone. This aircraft, which is equipped with electric motors, is mounted with a photo or video camera. This allows to shoot in situations that are not accessible by airplane or helicopter: narrow river valleys, heavily developed towns, and even dense forests become the locations of film sequences.